Learn the TRUTH about biblical eating!

Eat Like Jesus - Returning to Kosher Christianity See Inside Front Cover Preview

- How do biblical diets help people live longer?

- Were Adam and Eve created as vegans?  

Why did Noah take extra animals on his Ark?

- Which animals did God permit Moses to eat? 

- Does the New Testament redefine food?

- Did Jesus really declare all meats clean?

- Would Peter and Paul have us eat anything?


For generations, religious institutions have served Christians a steady diet of dispensational theology, in which new covenants and teachings are portrayed as healthy substitutes for Moses' eating instructions. Commandments of Moses are usually dismissed as outdated, irrelevant, and oppressive. But are these views valid, just because they are popular or traditional?  How did first century Christians eat? What did Jesus, Paul, and the apostles teach about food and about Moses' kosher laws?

Eat Like Jesus  is a book that answers all of these questions and more – comparing infallible Bible texts to mistranslations and status-quo religious dogma. Offering a simple and comprehensive Bible-based dining theology, Eat Like Jesus probes into – and beyond – New Testament accounts, explaining how God has been defining food since the Garden of Eden.

What is Food?
WWNE? - What Would Noah Eat?
The RED are DEAD!
Don't Eat Like a Corinthian!!!
Eat Like Jesus!
Learn to Cook Kosher
Learn About Kosher Christianity
Enjoy a Taste of Day-L'e-Brew...

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